I'm so excited to get started working together! Absolutely everything you need to know to prepare for our work together is detailed below.

If you do have any questions after going through everything below, email me at michelle (at) themichellewarner (dot) com and we'll sort you out.


1. watch for your welcome email

You'll receive a Welcome Email within 2 business days of confirming your session. This is a super important email stuffed with tons of information, so please watch for it and review it as soon as you can after it arrives.

Here are a few logistics-related things it will contain:

1. Your Personal Google Docs Folder: We'll store all session-specific documents in a shared Google Docs folder, and your email will contain a link to that folder that's exclusive to you. If you prefer that I share the folder with a specific email address as opposed to sharing the link, let me know and we'll make that change on my end.

Prior to our session your Google folder will contain links to any pre-work assignments, questionnaires, etc.

After your session I'll add any working documents to the folder, along with any resources from my library that are applicable to your situation. I'll also add links to session recordings so you have a record of our session to refer back to whenever you need to.

2. Session Scheduling: Your email confirmation will list the date and time of your first session. If the date is blank, contact me asap to get your first session officially in the books!

3. Invoice: If you haven't already paid your first invoice, you'll find a link in your email for your first payment. Payment is required before our session can take place, so please make sure you've send either full or partial payment (depending on your plan and payment plan preference) is sent at least 24 hours before we're scheduled to meet. Thank you.

2. prepare for your session

Your Welcome Email will also contain everything you need to know to prepare for your actual session.

We have limited time during the actual session, so please come prepared having worked through your pre-work in advance. I'll do the same. My goal is for your session to have a massive impact on your business, even if we have a short time together, and the best way to ensure that happens is for both of us to be focused and ready to dive in.

Thank you in advance.

1. Review The Agenda: Your Welcome Email will contain a link to a rough session agenda in your Google Docs folder. Please review this agenda and let me know if you have any feedback. 

2. Complete Your Pre-Work: Your Welcome Email and Google Folder will contain an overview and details on any pre-work you need to complete. Please review this well in advance of our session so you have plenty of time to complete it.

Most of the time your pre-work will involve a questionnaire with a series of thought-provoking questions to kickstart your brain, so past clients have found it most effective to read through as soon as you receive it so you have time to process and start thinking about your answers.

Remember this isn't Algebra where you just have to set aside an hour to hammer through things. This is your business, your dream, so you want to give your ideas plenty of time to form.

I'll be doing the same over here.

3. Grant Access: Depending on the nature of our session I may request access to various programs, Facebook groups, membership areas, course content, etc. This access is critical in my own prep for my session because I need to learn about your business in order to help you. 

Please turn over and/or grant any access as soon as possible so I have proper time to prep for our session. If you don't want to turn over actual passwords (which I fully support) I recommend sharing access with me via a free service like LastPass.

All access is temporary and you should feel free to revoke any sharing or remove me from your paid content as soon as our work together is complete.

3. meet me on zoom on the big day!

All sessions take place virtually via Zoom. I use Zoom because it's incredibly reliable and because it makes it super easy to record and save our sessions so you have the sessions to refer to whenever you need.

You can access Zoom via computer or phone, although I strongly encourage you to access via your computer so we can screenshare any Google Docs, etc as we work together.

Zoom Access instructions: 

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/2438339762

Or Telephone:
    Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
    Meeting ID: 243 833 9762

Please contact me in advance of your session if you need an international number for Zoom, or if for some reason Zoom won't work for you. 

See you there!

Our work isn't done once the session is over! Here's what you can expect after we meet:

1. Action Steps: Action steps are a nicer word for homework! We'll spend the last section of our time together making sure you have a crystal clear set of action steps to take whatever we've talked about and translate it into real action and real results. An action steps doc will be added to your Google Drive folder.

2. Session Recording: Immediately after our session wraps up I'll process the Zoom recording and get it uploaded to the Google Drive. Remember that processing can take time so expect the recording to show up anywhere between 1-8 hours after the session.

3. Updated Documents: I'll make sure your Google folder is updated with any session notes, working documents, etc as we go so they'll be immediately available once the session wraps. Within 2 business days I'll add any relevant resources from my Client Resource Library to your folder.

4. Follow-up Support: I don't disappear after our session ends! Expect to hear from me throughout your follow-up support period (and, let's be honest, well after that because that's just how I roll). You should also feel free to reach out to me with any follow up questions based on our agreed follow up support timeline.

4. after the session

5. legal

All sessions are covered under the terms of my Client Agreement.