You’ve done the courses, you’ve done the coaching…

Now it’s time to actually get results.


The smartest place on the internet to take the leap from stuck to a consistent, streamlined, growth-focused business - in just 10 weeks.

I’m guessing that when you started your business, you figured success would come pretty quickly and easily.

And maybe you did experience some quick success, but what followed left you feeling it was more beginner’s luck than anything you could (or have) consistently repeated. 

Or maybe you’ve hustled and fought and muscled your way forward from day 1, and you can’t imagine it’s supposed to still be this hard.

Either way you’re tired. You’re frustrated. You’re sick of reading about - and trying - strategies that seem to work for everyone but you. 

You want your time and your energy and your entrepreneur’s hope + excitement + results back. 




Your 10 Week Leap to More Clarity, More Focus + More Profit 

Without working 120 hours a week.

Without being told to invest thousands of dollars in launches with no known ROI on the other side.

Without feeling like you have to turn your life into a made-for-the-Gram farce. 

And with sustainable results born from smart, simple + focused frameworks + systems customized to you + your business.

Springboard is a small group coaching + training experience where you’ll learn how to apply time-tested frameworks and processes to you business so you create a model that avoids all the fake crap in favor of a strong but flexible platform that serves you today + in the future.

I created Springboard so you have a space to…

  • Learn how to grow your specific business without working every waking second - and most of the not-so-awake hours too.

  • Deeply understand how the choices you make about your niche, your product mix and your marketing decisions work together - or, how they’re not working together now and what to do to fix it.

  • Maximize the time you spend marketing so it returns actual sales, and not meaningless followers and emojibot-filled comments.

  • Finally experience the a-ha of how this can be easier. (And trust me, it can be easier)

  • Skip past the frustration, stuckness, anger and heartache and get the hell on with building what you want to build so you can get on with having the success you want to have. 

I'll show you how and why so many things that are taught in the online space are simply wrong, marred by the opinions of entrepreneurs who caught the jackpot of market timing, won the charisma genetic lottery or simply got lucky and now scream from the rooftops that what worked for them, will work for everyone.

It doesn't and it won't.

Instead, inside Springboard you'll learn how to build real strategies based on time-tested frameworks, understand the metrics behind them and build a strategy-backed plan that will get you real results. 

You’ll finally understand which products to focus on and which customers are your best clients. Which will be a welcome change from all the guessing and bouncing around you’re doing now.


Springboard Will Show You How To:

  • Navigate the nonstop noise in the online space, and position you + your business so you’re never dealing with competition again. 

  • Streamline your offers into a Product Mix strategy that supports your customers through their natural lifetime with you so they stick around for the long term and you stop having to create offer after offer and launch after launch just to survive.

  • Go beyond the typical niching exercises and get into your own business to understand who your best customers are and how you can best serve them through segmenting and automation. 

  • Build a marketing system that’s designed for industry-high conversion and streamlined for your sanity. 

  • Learn the stages of product and service development so you know how to continually craft your offers into packages that are more efficient for you without sacrificing value and results for your clients.

  • Understand the numbers that matter behind your sales cycle so you’re watching and tracking what actually makes a difference for your business and ignoring the rest.

  • Have no doubt exactly what you should be focused on - and, more importantly, have no doubt what you shouldn’t be wasting time working on.

  • Stop screwing around and start being profitable.

In short, you’ll design a business that actually works. For you.


Hi, I’m Michelle Warner.

I design smart businesses…

Businesses that are easy and efficient.

Businesses that consistently attract clients.

Businesses that don’t leave money on the table. 

Businesses that feed your life instead of stealing from it. 

The methods I teach inside Springboard have helped online business owners of all kinds - from 7-figure established stars to up-and-comers - understand exactly what's working for them and what's not. And from there what they should do more of and what they should stop doing.

It's a system that creates results like:

  • 66% month over month sales increase within the first 4 months of working together - and we're talking a sustainable, ongoing increase, not a blip on a screen one time kind of thing - in a business already bringing in over 6 figures.

  • Landing 3 of the highest-paying clients the business had ever seen in our first week working together by restructuring and reframing how packages were designed and presented.

  • Replacing a 7 year old, highly successful (but time and energy consuming) online program with a brand new business model, that in its first 3 months is proving to be even more profitable with way less effort.

I've been in the digital marketing and tech space for over 15 years, was the CEO of a 7+-figure tech startup for 5 of those years and have an MBA from the University of Chicago, one of the world’s top business schools, where I was mentored by 2 Nobel Prize winners. 

Which is all to say it’s not a mistake these results are the norm for my clients: I know what I'm doing and your business is not my first rodeo - and that matters and that is what gets you results.


"Michelle is a unicorn in the online business world.  She’s got some serious business chops and she knows how to apply the theory to the practical realities of a small and growing online business.”

-Karen Ward  


Springboard Overview.

Springboard is a 10 week small group coaching + training experience built on a mixed curriculum of learning + action, paired with personal accountability + coaching.

It’s a method + a format that’s been proven to work over 5+ years and 100+ clients.

Springboard starts on April 9th with 6 weeks of active learning modules designed to first break down your business to gain clarity on what’s actually working for you, and then build it back up into a more efficient and profitable machine based on your discoveries.

During those first 6 weeks you’ll receive a weekly training module, homework, and we’ll meet live for a no-holds-barred live Q&A where I’ll answer all of your questions.

All calls will be recorded and you’ll be able to submit questions in advance if you’re not able to make a Q&A call.

The second half of Springboard is when you really get to work. Now that you’ve built your plan, we’ll continue together for a full month of coaching as you begin to execute. Information and planning is just that, and it doesn’t turn into results until you take action. I’m committed to your results, and I’ll be there to make sure you’re following through.

During the month of coaching + execution we’ll continue meeting live as a group twice a week, once for a Q&A session and again for a focused work sprint where the only agenda is for you to show up and get work done.

By combining the proven frameworks inside the Springboard curriculum with handheld coaching + focused execution time, you gain industry-leading knowledge, results-shifting frameworks and all the 1:1 support you need to execute. It is everything you need to move forward and nothing that you don’t.


Springboard Curriculum.


Before you can figure out what you should be doing in your business going forward, you have to take a step back and figure out what you have been doing in your business.

If this sounds obvious, you’re in for a surprise. While you may think you know what you’ve been doing, what you’ll discover is that you know what actions you’ve been taking but you have no idea what’s actually been working or why. In Week 1, we find out. Specifically we’ll start to look at:

  • What stage of business growth you’re in, and what that means about what your top priorities should be right now.

  • What metrics you’ve been tracking, and what they tell you.

  • What products and services you’ve been offering and why.

  • What customers you’ve been serving and why.

  • What your revenue cycles look like and what that means about the stability of your business.


In Week 2 we take a deep dive into your customers and clients. Specifically we’ll:

  • Uncover how many segments and customer types you've been serving in your business - and how that's serving (or not serving) you and your business.

  • Identify your customer niche in a way that's actually useful to you. (hint: it has nothing to do with fake journal entries and vision boards) 

  • Outline a customer journey that supports the customer segments that are right for your clients and your business.


In Week 3 you’ll build on your new view of your clients to build a Product + Transformation strategy aligned with their needs. Specifically you’ll learn:

  • How to create a Product Mix that aligns with your Customer Segments + Journey.

  • How to tie together your Customer Segments and Product Mix to create a natural Customer Lifecycle - and with it a loyalty framework to make sure your customers complete that lifecycle.

  • What a Product Development cycle is and how to use it to grow your business while maintaining or exceeding the results you’re creating for clients.


In Week 4 we’ll focus on designing a streamlined marketing system to attract more of your perfect clients. Specifically you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a messaging strategy that supports your Product Mix and Customer Journey.

  • What the different lead generation strategies are and which make the most sense for you and your customers.

  • How to streamline your content creation process so you’re easily creating content that converts on a consistent basis.

  • How to manage the tech and automation necessary for your specific marketing needs.


In Week 5 you’ll take your marketing system to the next level and turn it into a Marketing + Sales system. Specifically we’ll cover:

  • What sales cycles are and how to develop a marketing + sales system that supports your specific sales cycle.

  • Different launch strategies and how to choose the ones that are right for you based on your business and your customers.


In Week 6 we’ll put it all together by looking at the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) you should be tracking based on your specific goals. Specifically we’ll cover:

  • What KPI’s are and why they’re critical to track + understand.

  • The common KPI’s and how to know what your most important KPI’s are.

  • How to track your KPI’s and - more importantly - how to make decisions based on what they tell you.


During the first 6 weeks you’re going to be busy planning and designing your new business. In weeks 7-10 we shift from planning to doing, and the only focus is on you taking action. During this month we’ll:

  • Meet once a week for a live Q&A.

  • Meet regularly for focused work blocks where your only priority is getting work done.

  • Have private coaching where I’ll answer every question you have inside our private Facebook group.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 9.18.47 AM.png

"Within only one week of working together, I landed 3 of the highest-paying clients I'd ever had - and had my most profitable month ever! The ROI alone makes working with Michelle a no-brainer."

-Elissa Bertot



Springboard Logistics.

Springboard is designed to prioritize focus + results. That means our 10 weeks together are designed to give you absolutely everything you need to move forward and nothing that you don’t.

We begin on April 9th.

Weeks 1-6: LEARN + CREATE

  • 1x weekly training

  • 1x weekly live Q&A session

  • Weekly homework assignments

  • All calls recorded

Weeks 7-10: EXECUTE

  • Coaching in our private Facebook group - every question answered, by me, on video

  • 1x weekly live Q&A session

  • 1x weekly live focused work session

  • All calls recorded

This unique combination of strategy + supported execution time is exactly what will get you results. This is nothing like another online course, and everything like the unicorn of a system you’ve been searching for that’s actually designed to get you results.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 10.32.08 AM.png

"After seven years of running a successful online program called Evolve, I decided it was time for a shift in how I do business. With Michelle’s masterful help, I went from having a big idea, to creating a plan, to having the offering up and running in less than six weeks.

Michelle is a powerhouse of a business woman! I felt like I was in the best hands possible because she bring her years of experience and a deep intuitive knowing to the table."

                                 -Carrie Contey 



The current investment for Springboard is $547, or 3 monthly payments of $199.

If you thrive with focused, private coaching you can also choose to upgrade to a version that includes a total of 6, 30 minute private 1:1 coaching calls (2 per month for 3 months) for $947, or 3 monthly payments of $347.

(This is the first time I’m offering this to a group, so the prices on these options will go way up next session.)

For 1/8th of the cost of working with me individually, you get all my best tools and frameworks handed to you on a silver platter, and backed up with a month of coaching and focused work sessions to get it done.

No brainer, right?


But Wait, There’s More!

Take what you learn in Springboard and create even more impact with these valuable bonuses:


The online market in every industry is becoming more and more saturated everyday, and if you don’t know how to set yourself apart from the rest you’re in for a world of hurt. In this bonus module I’ll teach you how to master your market and eliminate competition forever by implementing the principles of maturing markets.


Ignore everything you’ve heard about email being dead. Email is most certainly not dead, and it’s the best conversion tool you have. Email, in fact, converts up to 10x better than Instagram and 100’s of times better than Facebook. Not to mention the whole Facebook could be gone tomorrow and then what would you do thing.

In this special module I’ll share all things email, lessons and best practices I’ve learned in 15+ years of direct email marketing. You'll receive my protocols for maintaining an email list that works - the same protocol my clients use to keep their open rates over 30% and their conversion rates double industry average. I'll also throw in some tech recommendations on how to set your system up for easy automation.



Reality Check Time.

(you knew this was coming, right?)

Springboard isn’t for everyone.

I'm committed to getting you amazing results, and that means curating the studio space to include a dynamic group of entrepreneurs who are committed to showing up and working the process.

That means you're not a fit for Springboard if you:

  • Aren't already making money in your business. You don't need to be a millionaire or even a 6-figure entrepreneur, but you do need to know that you have products and services that sell and that create value for your customers.

  • Expect to be handed a list of steps to take without putting some of your own skin in the game. You will leave the Studio with a very specific plan to follow, but that plan will be custom to you and that means you're going to need to roll up your sleeves and play a role in creating it.

  • Believe it's normal to manifest a 6 figure business overnight with no work. I get as woo as the next person with my business, and I also believe the woo works when I put in massive, inspired action. I expect the same from you.


Springboard is perfect for you if you:

  • Have an established online service or course-based business (ie basically anything online that's not pure product-based e-commerce) that's making money

  • Understand that there’s no magic template or framework that is your perfect business in a box. You understand you have to show up everyday and learn how to apply the frameworks to how you care to run your business. Then, your model finds itself.

  • Take your business seriously and want to know exactly what to do next in order to grow your business into the vision you have for it.

  • Know you’re ready for the next step, but aren’t sure how to reach it.

  • Are curious about business and take pleasure in the process of growing.

  • Are ready to reach your next big income goal.

  • Are committed to serving your customers and clients with the best possible experience for them.

  • Are ready to be in a room with others who aren’t completely new to entrepreneurship and who are ready for their next step too.

If that’s you, stop wasting time reading and get in here.

Springboard is about to be the best investment you've ever made.




You have questions. I have answers.

But my business is different.

Yes, your business is unique. And, because I know that deep in my heart and soul, my work is both general and specific. General in the sense that when I'm talking about how to grow a business, it's rooted in the best of the best systems and frameworks I’ve relied on throughout my world class business education and 15+ years of experience in this industry. And it’s custom + specific in the sense that I walk with you hand in hand as you learn how to apply those systems to your very specific business.

But the market is so crowded.

That’s exactly why you need Springboard. All online markets are maturing (and saturating) at a rapid pace, and if your business is going to survive and thrive it’s high time you move beyond winging it and generic advice and take responsibility for your success. And that means digging in and learning exactly what makes your business tick and how to support that. And that’s exactly what you learn inside Springboard.

But nothing has worked yet.

There are 2 reasons programs haven’t worked for you yet: 1) they’re generic and your business is not; 2) you haven’t applied anything. If it’s the latter you shouldn’t sign up for this program because if you’re not going to do the work, of course it’s not going to work. But if it’s the former, it’s because generic skills no longer cut it. You need to learn what really makes your business work and develop your plans from there. That’s exactly what we’re going to do.

But I don’t have time.

Do you have another 2 years to waste screwing around with strategies that don’t work? If so, great, you are too busy. If not, get in here, focus for 10 weeks and all the time in the world will suddenly appear when you have a focused, efficient, sustainable and streamlined plan to follow.

But I need more support.

Springboard comes with 10 weeks of live access to me, including a full month of personal coaching support as you do nothing but execute the plans you create in the first half of the experience. I’m in the trenches with you, hand-by-hand, answering every question you have. And if you need even more support, you’re welcome to add 1:1 time during the registration process.


Time to get real with yourself.

For just $547 (or 3 payments of $199) you’ll going to get:

MY BEST STUFF - Learn the frameworks at the heart of how I design businesses for scale, sustainability and profit - customer segments, product mixes, development cycles to name a few.

PERSONAL COACHING AT GROUP RATES - Knowing what to do is less than half the battle - the other half is getting out there and doing it and learning to navigate the questions that come up as you execute. I’ve designed this program so I’m with you in the trenches, supporting you as you take action with a full month of unlimited coaching on live Q&A calls and inside our private Facebook group. Got a question? You’ll get an answer.

WEEKLY LIVE Q+A CALLS - Join me on video once a week where I’ll answer every question you got. Or send in your questions beforehand if you can’t make the call and I’ll answer live and get you the recording. 

FOCUSED WORK SESSIONS - I’m not going to pretend that it’s remotely easy to find focused time to execute right now. We all have 30 or more hours of distraction built into 24 hours of a day. For that reason I’m hosting weekly focused work sessions where all you’re asked to do is show up with your work priorities, turn off your phone and be accountable to getting your work done. You’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish.

A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY - Building a business for sustainability and profit is no joke, and you need support from others who are doing the same and not settling for good enough. You’ll find it here. 

PRACTICAL, ACTIONABLE ADVICE ON HOW TO HANDLE MARKET SATURATION + EMAIL - As the online industry gets louder, it’s gets harder to find your place in the market and understand how to hold attention. As a bonus, you’ll receive my special Market Mastery module all about how to set yourself up to never have competition again, and my Email Mastery module that teaches you everything you need to know about building (and sustaining) an email list that’s actually seen in inboxes.


When you join Springboard, you're saying yes to…

- YES to no longer leaving money on the table.

- YES to knowing exactly what you need to do to grow your business into the vision you have.

- YES to saying goodbye to frustration, confusion and chaos.

- YES to having a blueprint that shows you how to grow your business today, and also how to keep growing it for years to come.

Saying YES to Springboard is about so much more than trying to copy yet another embellished rags to riches success story.

It's about learning how to write your own success story.

The decision is yours - stay where you are, stuck and confused. 

Or click the button below, join me in Springboard, and start learning how to make this business of yours work for you.

I can't wait to see you there. We begin on April 9th.

Kate Anthony.png

“I can’t say enough about working with Michelle. She gave me ideas I’d never considered, and told me why the things I’d been trying weren’t working. I trust her implicitly, and so should you.”

-Kate Anthony


Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 1.31.19 PM.png

“Hiring Michelle was so far the best investment I’ve made for my company. She is a superstar and game changer.”

-Nori Szanto




"Having Michelle in my corner is quite possibly the best thing that could have happened to my business."

-Laura Fox


Let’s Do This.

Still have questions? Drop me a line at hello (at) themichellewarner (dot) com or send us a message here to get them answered or set up a time to chat with me.