What's Your Promotion Personality Type?

If I had a nickel for every time I got on the phone with a new client who proceeded to tell me she wasn’t such a fan of how her business was set up (putting it nicely) but had no choice because, you know, that’s what so and so coach or so and so guru told her she had to do.... well, let’s just say I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now because I’d be super busy traveling the world on my yacht.

You heard it here first: you DO NOT have to run your business like everyone else, and you don’t have to “just suck it up” and promote your business in a way that feels slimy, fake or even just annoying.

And even better news, for those of you who don’t think there’s a way you could ever possibly like promoting your business? 

You totally can and will like to promote your business. You just have to do it the way that’s natural to you. 

And if the way that’s natural to you isn’t the way popular guru or coach teaches, you’re probably pretty frustrated. But you don’t have to be. 

Enter the Promotion Personality Types.

Get to know yours and life becomes so much better. #pinkypromise

Before we dive into meeting your Promotion Personality Type, I want to get into WHY it’s so important to know yours. 

Two words: Visibility Angst.

We all have it, friends. Nothing to be ashamed of. 

In fact I’ve yet to meet an entrepreneur who didn’t struggle with visibility at one time or another. (and I’ve met a lot of high-powered entrepreneurs, both online and off). 

Some get over it quickly & some struggle for a long time.

I’m here to tell you today that if you are suffering it’s not your fault and you don’t have to. This is so doable.

What we’re told when we’re not doing a good job “being visible:”

You’re scared.

You don’t believe in yourself.

You have a block you have to work through.

You’re not willing to do what it takes.

You just have to get over yourself.

Sure, sometimes that’s part of it… 

But most of the time there’s something else going on too. 

And that thing is that you’re trying to do what you’re told to do or what everyone else is doing instead of what works for YOUR personality type.

And when you do that it’s never going to work.

So what should you do instead? 

Well first, stop doing what everyone tells you you’re supposed to do. Seriously. Stop. Like right now. 

And start crafting a strategy based on your personality.

Enter the Promotion Personality Types, developed by me after lots of client work and noticing that people tended to struggle with promotion not because they weren't willing to do it (they very much were - if using the right system for them) but because they were never being introduced to the right system for them.

Just like some of us are Introverts and some of us are Extroverts, we all have different Promotion Personality Types that work the best for our own individual preferences and strengths.

And if you want to succeed online without losing your mind or your passion, you need to understand and use your Promotion Personality type to your advantage.

Enough with the intros. Allow me to introduce you to the 3 Promotion Personality Types. Are you ready to meet yours?

The HeadLiner

The HeadLiner loves being visible: she’s an action-taker with big goals that she doesn’t apologize for having or for sharing publicly. She’s a go-getter who has changed her own life and she won’t settle for anything less than doing the same for her clients.

She's full of passion and isn’t afraid to shake things up by calling people out for inaction and using big, bold language in her marketing. This is a woman who isn’t afraid of being seen or taking a stand.

She’s known for big, bold launches that position her as an expert in her field. She’s the first to jump on any new technology or platform and she can grow a sizable new following overnight.

She also loves the adrenaline that comes with gearing up for a big launch and prefers to put all her focus on list-building a few times a year, and focus on the rest of her work and her clients the rest of the time.

The HeadLiner is loved by some and hated by others. Everyone knows her and everyone has an opinion about her, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Kindred Spirit

The Kindred Spirit is soulful and spiritual and in business for no reason other than to change lives. She loves to see genuine transformation in her clients and not just in their bottom line. She’s interested in facilitating change in the whole person, and by doing so she knows she’ll end up changing the world.

The Kindred Spirit is thoughful, deliberate and loves nothing more than making genuine connections. She has little use for standard marketing tactics and would much rather spend time getting to know people, sharing stories of clients she’s helped and discovering how she can customize her services to meet specific needs of different people she meets.

The Kindred Spirit may not be known by everyone but those who do cross her path are blown away by the depth of her service and ability, and they aren’t afraid to let everyone know about it.

The Kindred Spirit is fine with only working with a select group of women, and in fact prefers it. The Kindred Spirit is loved and remembered by everyone who crosses her path and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The MasterMind

The MasterMind is curious, a problem-solver and someone who wants to explain concepts and teach people what they need to know in order to get what they want from their business.

The MasterMind loves to share smart content all the time. She shakes up the status quo by sharing new information and new perspectives. She loves busting myths, giving people permission to do things differently and to think differently from the crowd.

She’s at her best when her head is down doing the work, and when she works with people it’s because they’ve recognized the knowledge she holds and they want to tap into it. She’s typically practical, results-oriented and rooted in the real world.

The MasterMind is respected by most but not loved by all because sometimes her theories go over people’s heads, or aren’t actionable enough for clients who simply want to know what to do. She’s ok with that, though, because she knows the right people will find her and appreciate her.

What's the verdict? Were you able to pick yourself out right away? Or maybe you're a combo? Tell us all about it in the comments!