Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Welcome Series for New Email Subscriber

Email strategy has got to be one of the great mysteries of the online world. Sales funnels, welcome sequences, weekly newsletters, blogs oh my! It can make anyone's head spin, much less if you're new to the online and blogging world.

Fact is talking your email strategy down to a manageable step-by-step strategy is pretty easy. And one of the first places to start is with a welcome series.

But before I get into showing you exactly how to write your welcome series, let's talk about what a welcome series is.

A welcome series is a series of 1-3 emails you send people in the days immediately following them signing up for your email list. The point isn't to sell anything but rather to start a relationship. After all they may have seen you in a Facebook group, come across your blog or found you on a pin and opted into a simple worksheet or checklist you offer.

In other words, there's a good likelihood they've never been to your website and don't really have any idea who you are. And if they have no idea who you are there's little use of you emailing them a sales pitch or even your regular weekly newsletter, because they'll just be confused and wondering who you are.

Therefore the best thing to do is to send all of your new email subscribers through a welcome series designed to introduce them to you + and your brand.

How exactly to do it? I'll be honest - there are a million ways to approach a welcome series. You'll see some that last anywhere from a single email to a 2 week (or longer) series.

Below is the series I've used in the past. Feel free to follow this outline or adapt to what feels more natural for you. The point isn't to follow an exact formula but rather to do what feels right for you in order to introduce people to you.


Day 0: welcome + opt-in delivery (Immediately upon signing up)

As soon as someone signs up for your list you should send them whatever they've signed up for (ie worksheet, e-book, whatever your freebie offer is). Also take the opportunity to say a quick hello and let people know you'll be in touch more this week.

Bonus: Ask a question that makes people want to reply to you. When people reply they'll naturally have a higher engagement with your brand, and you'll get the benefit of learning who is on your list and why.

day 1: my story + opt-in reminder

We all have overflowing email boxes so it's not at all uncommon for people to miss your initial email and opt-in, even if they're looking for it. Which means it's a good idea to follow up the next day with another link to the opt-in. This gives people 2 chances to grab what they were initially interested in.

Also take the opportunity here to share your story and your why so people can get to know more about why you do what you do. Connections and understanding are important and it makes a big difference when people know why you're showing up.

day 2: what i believe to be true

Day 2 brings a chance to differentiate yourself from the crowd: you've shared your opt-in with them and your story. Now share something you believe to be true (or false) about your industry that's against the norm. This will help people understand what you're all about and differentiate you from the rest of the crowd. 

This is also the first time you should mention anything about your programs or courses or whatever it is that you sell. Mention it in passing, but don't deliver a hard pitch yet. You want people to know you and what you offer before you go in for the sale.

day 3: Here's some of my best work

Now that you've differentiated yourself, share some of your best work. Send a message that includes links to your best blog posts, podcast interviews, guests posts or articles that have been written about you. This builds your authority and credibility.

day 4: i screwed up and then i fixed it

Time to get real: share a failure or screw up on your part and how you fixed it. We're all human and we all screw up and people want to see the human side of you. Be sincere and also make sure to show how you fixed the screw up - people want you to be real but also want to know that you can recognize and fix the mistakes that you make.

Day 4 can also include a stronger call to action on how to work with you.

day 5: Pure value preview content.

Day 5 is a great day to share some preview content of what it's like to work with you. If you sell courses consider including a link to one lesson. If you're a coach include an exercise you use with all of your clients.

You want to give people an idea of what it's like to work with you while also sharing something ridiculously valuable so that if they're not yet ready to work with you they'll still get a quick win from the information you share for free.

day 6: Final, strong CTA for whatever's next including FAQ's and testimonails.

Finally don't be afraid to close your welcome series with a strong call to action. Include some FAQ's and testimonials and make it clear how to work with you and why someone should. And finally, let people know what's next - set their expectation for how often they should expect to hear from you going forward.

Putting a welcome series in place is one of the easiest things you can do to help people get to know you and increase the quality of your list. I hope the outline above helps take the mystery out of it so you can get one implemented this week!

What questions do you have about your email welcome series? do you have one in place? does it work? tell us about it in the comments.