A Surprisingly Easy Way to Find Clarity

When you lose your way (lose your clarity) it’s generally because you’re spending too much time on surface stuff – either doing the same thing as everyone around you without ever discovering whether it’s right for you, or you’re slapping band-aids on your business bullet-holes and then wondering why your problems aren’t going away.

And you probably know you need clarity, but going deep to figure it out sounds hard. Sounds like it would require hours of meditating, lots and lots of tears, 5 journals and probably burning a bunch of stuff.

Who has time for that every time you need to figure something out?


What If Clarity Didn’t Have To Be So Hard?

What if I told you asking 5 simple questions – literally asking yourself ‘Why’ 5 times in a row – can help you find exactly what you’re looking for? Or exactly what’s holding you back from having what you want?

It’s called the 5 Why’s Principle (creative, I know) and here’s how it works:

Think about the issue you’re struggling with. Here’s one I hear all the time:
I can’t decide how (or if) I should grow my business.

Now ask yourself Why 5 times and see what comes up.

I can’t decide how (or if) I should grow my business. —> ASK WHY.

Because I don’t know if the type of clients I’m working with right now are right for me long term so I don’t know how to start thinking about changes until I can decide that. —>ASK WHY.

Because I think I might be outgrowing the basic topics I teach but I’m worried that changing things would risk all my momentum because it would be hard to find a new set of clients. —>ASK WHY.

Because I’m known for and good at what I’m doing now. I’m concerned I wouldn’t be viewed the same if I began targeting more advanced clients.

Because advanced clients won’t hire someone’s whose not already known for having helped other people in their same shoes. —> ASK WHY.

Because they’ll know I’m not really sure if I know what I’m talking about or not. They’ll know this is a huge leap for me.

BOOM. There’s your answer and there’s your clarity: it’s not that you can’t decide how to grow your business – you know exactly what you want to do there. It’s just that you don’t yet believe you’re ready to take the step you so desperately want to take. And with a little mindset work (and my permission to meditate, journal, cry and burn stuff to your heart’s content while you do) you’ll be ready to go.

I used this technique multiple times a day while growing a multi-million dollar start-up, and I still use it everyday as a strategist for online entrepreneurs. Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you!