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When Jenn Hand launched her Free with Food membership in the Summer of 2016, she was hopeful, but within a month, half of her membership had cancelled. As a health coach who focuses on helping women stop obsessing over food, Jenn was trying her best to help as many women as she could. Unfortunately, she wasn’t finding the success she knew was possible, no matter how many different products she launched.

“I didn’t know if this webinar was a good topic or if that book was a good seller. I had no idea what was working and what wasn’t. I launched my membership because it seemed like a good idea. I would just throw things at the wall and hope it would work, but I knew that wasn’t a sustainable model,” Jenn said.

Jenn had worked with coaches before and together they had fine tuned her mindset around her business, but she needed something more. Facing the uncertainty of what products to offer was simply no longer an option for Jenn. Her business needed a plan and that plan needed to be strategic.


Something Different

When Jenn learned about Michelle Warner, her interest was piqued. “I chose Michelle because she wasn’t like the coaches I had worked with before. She was a strategist that could interpret the numbers for me and tell me what to do based on those numbers. That was awesome having someone just tell me what to do,” Jenn said.


The New Membership Site and Experience

Together, Michelle and Jenn reviewed her numbers and brainstormed a new and improved messaging and sales strategy for the program. Jenn’s Facebook ads turning cold leads to a webinar were swapped for a warm lead funnel leading to a 5 day challenge. The second launch, renamed the Normal Eaters Club, grew membership from 10 to 85 members with 80% retention after two months.

Along with the success of the second membership launch, Jenn learned valuable business lessons from her time with Michelle.


Testing is Key

“Everyone was telling me to make webinars. That’s where it’s at,” Jenn said. “Michelle helped me to experiment and test for a couple months to see if webinars were a good fit and it turns out they weren’t. It was super helpful to learn that you didn’t necessarily have to do what everyone says is the best way if it doesn’t make sense for your business, and that you figure out what works by testing and by listening to the numbers.”


Listen to Your Business

In addition to showing clients the importance of testing and finding the best way to launch for their individual business, Michelle teaches her clients to pay attention to their gut. “I teach my clients to ‘listen to their business because it’s talking to you’ in the same way that Jenn might tell her clients to listen to their bodies. And that’s exactly what we did when we really looked at her Facebook group and were able to read between the lines of what her people were saying. That’s what led us to change the name of her group from Free with Food to the Normal Eaters Club, and that new messaging, along with a tighter launch strategy designed specifically for her, took off for her,” said Michelle.


Partnering for Success

As time passes since her successful second launch, Jenn continues to work with Michelle to grow her business gradually and strategically. “It’s such a relief and such a blessing to be able to have someone in my business who can look at it from an outside perspective and from an analytical standpoint. It takes the thinking out of it,” said Jenn. “It has been so helpful to me to feel like I have someone to turn to that just gets it. Sometimes I can’t believe that I actually did this. I brought this community together and people are paying me to learn. It’s been incredible.”


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