There comes a time in your business when 10 step checklists and copying what worked for someone else stops working for you.

Your business, your life and your goals aren’t black and white and in order to make them happen, you need to find your own path. The one that’s completely right for you.

Introducing the Scale It Sessions.

A unique opportunity to work with an expert online business strategist (that’d be me;) to develop your own custom scaling plan. And do it affordably. 


Whether you’re making $5k a month or $100k a month or anywhere in-between, a Scale It Session will outline exactly what you need to reach your 12-18 month income goals using the power of leverage, behavior-based outreach and understanding the metrics you need to focus on because they’re the ones that move your business forward.

Can you imagine the value, the clarity, you would experience from having that kind of custom game plan? 

I can. Because I do it all the time for people just like you. 


Welcome to the Scale It Sessions. 

Where I take your business, your goals, where you are right now and where you want to be - and develop a custom scaling plan that’s true to you, your values and how you show up - to get you exactly there. 




Based on what we discover about your unique business and its unique scaling needs, you’ll walk away with the exact information and resources you need to reach your desired income level using the power of scale.

Your Scale It Session will typically include some or most of the following, but rarely if ever all of it. That’s because all businesses are unique, and the Scale It Sessions are designed to give you exactly what you need - nothing less, nothing more. Think about it like it’s the Goldilocks situation it is - too little information doesn’t cut it and too much leaves you overwhelmed and confused. We’re going for just right here - the perfect amount of information to get you to your 12-18 month vision. 

And don’t worry - if your particular business requires something different, that will be uncovered and discussed during the audit process and included in your final package.

+ Scalable Business Model / Plan with Competitive Matrix Analysis

Just starting the scaling process and not sure what direction to go? The Competitive Matrix Analysis will show you exactly what makes you unique in your niche, and how to translate that uniqueness into a scaling plan that’ll set you apart. 

+ Customer Lifetime Value Optimization

You know that buyers buy, right? That your best conversion rates come from offering new products to current customers? Even if you did know that - are your products and services lined up to maximize on that? This audit will look at your current product ecosystem, historical customer data (*assuming you can make that data available) and give you detailed recommendations on how to fill holes in your product ecosystem to ensure you’re maximizing on your customer lifetime values. Includes pricing analysis of current and recommended product where needed.   

We'll also dive into your Product Mix to make sure you're not missing any opportunities here.

+ Team Optimization

A big piece of preparing to grow is making sure your team is ready to come along with you. We'll develop accountability charts, optimal organizational charts, job descriptions, and find the holes in your current team that need filling. The goal is to have you acting like a CEO and your team knowing exactly what they need to do to support you and the organization's goals.

+ Behavior-Based Segmenting Plan

Everyone’s busy and everyone is inundated with way more email and digital noise than they can process, and you’d be surprised how many people miss out on working with you because they get distracted and forget to return to your email, sales page, offer, all of it. I’ll create a customized plan for you that greatly reduces distraction by tracking your visitor’s behaviors and offering up personalized, behavior-based follow ups that deliver exactly what your visitors were looking for at exactly the right time.

This is powerful stuff that’s been shown to increase conversion by up to 50%. If you already have evergreen funnels working, behavior-based segmenting is worth your time to understand and get right. This is the gold that turns profitable online businesses into empires but it takes focus and patience to pull off correctly. If that’s you, you’re in for a big treat. 

+ KPI Analysis

Get clear on what your most important KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are, why they’re the only things you need to focus on in order to reach your scaling goals and HOW exactly to set yourself up so you are focused on them and only them.

+ Custom Conversion Tracking Spreadsheets & Resources and User Guides

Have everything you need to confidently track your KPI’s, the progress of your scaling efforts and know immediately what’s working and what’s not (and what to do about it).

+ Tech Recommendations

It’s a fact of online entrepreneurial life that when you get ready to scale or shift your business model, you may have to look at adding or changing your current tech suite. Changes in email providers, membership platforms, shopping carts - none  are fun, and I don’t take them lightly. But I’m also not going to give you a plan that you can’t pull off with your current tech suite.

We’ll go over exactly what you use now, what’s really needed to get you where you need to go, how disrupting any changes would be, and I’ll give you a list of recommendations that both get you where you want to go and cut down as much of the transition crazy as possible.



+ After you sign up you'll be sent a welcome questionnaire. This is a quick overview of you, your business and your goals, hopes and dreams. It's designed to get me up to speed before we ever get on the phone so we don't waste any time once we are together.

+ Once I've received the questionnaire I'll start my homework and you'll be invited to schedule the first 2 hour video call at a time that's convenient for you.

+ We'll jump on the first call and dive deeper into your goals and planning process. We'll brainstorm what kinds of solutions might be best for you based on your business and personality (yes, that matters - a lot) and your products and services.

+ Once we wrap up the call I'll go to work customizing a full Scale It document designed exclusively for you and your business. It will include all the details you need to start implementing your top priorities immediately, and recorded commentary from me so you have a record of me walking you through all of my logic and reasoning. Generally you should expect to receive your Scale It 2 weeks after our Kickoff Call, although individual cases may vary and we may decide to add some intermediate steps along the way to make sure we're covering all our bases. We'll decide this together so you'll always know exactly what's going on with your project.

+ After I deliver the Scale It Map you'll be invited to scheduled your 2nd call, a 2 hour follow up where we'll go over the document, you can ask any questions you have, and we'll make any final adjustments or clarifications.

+ You have 1 month of full Voxer and email support from me following our 2nd and final call to make sure you have all of your questions answered.

+ And finally, once we've wrapped up you still have exclusive access to my VIP Client Follow Up Sessions, which are packages that only my previous VIP clients have access to and include reduced 1:1 rates  if you ever need to borrow my brain in the future. Packages consist of 1, 2, 4 and 8 60 minute calls based on what you need.


"I feel confident that I'll reach my goal of tripling my income this year and I owe that to you." 

THANK YOU for all of your help! You're incredible.

I had some very specific issues with scaling that I needed help with. When I saw your Scale It Session, it was like you were reading my mind. You listed EVERYTHING I had that was keeping me from reaching my financial goals. I booked my session without hesitation.

I walked away with a custom roadmap for how to scale my business. What was all a convoluted mess in my head is now rearranged, tweaked, edited and put on paper.

It's a recipe and all I need to do is follow the steps. I also love that you highly customize the experience to me. You don't believe in absolutes and I so appreciate that about you. I now have a plan that was designed for me and is aligned with my values and goals.

You made everything so clear for me and now my job is easy. I just need to follow the custom map that you created for me. I feel confident that I'll reach my goal of tripling my income this year and I owe that to you.

I've learned so much from you. You're a wealth of information but beyond that, you're incredibly wise and share amazing advice when I feel stuck. 

It was a perfect experience! Thank you. 


FOUNDER AT creative hive


+ Online Businesses and Online Business Owners who are ready to scale. 

+ You’ve been in business for at least a year, or you’ve run some kind of business for at least a year. 

+ Your goal is sustainability in your scaling - not overnight cash.

+ You have resources to invest in your business.

+ You’re comfortable getting a little uncomfortable, whether that means diving into numbers when numbers aren’t your thing, welcoming an honest look at your offers or asking hard questions of yourself. 

+ You’re open to feedback and understand that scaling is a two-way street: I’ll give you and your business my absolute best, but can’t do this alone - you need to show up and invest in the process while we work together and stay invested in the implementation and tracking afterwards to fully realize the benefit of our work together.

+ You respect boundaries and have healthy boundaries of your own that I can respect. We entrepreneurs have to look out for each other.



+ You aren’t willing to do the work, believe that you should only do work that is fun or delegate everything you don’t like about your business without fully understanding it first. I’m all about fun and flow, and want you to love your business and the role you play in it. I also know that sometimes you have to do some hard stuff, and I definitely know that you shouldn’t outsource things you don’t understand first. That never works out well for anyone. 

+ You want someone to tell you what to do so you can just get on with it. I’m a strategist not a coach - so I will tell you exactly what I think you should do - but I’ll only do that AFTER you’ve dug into your business with me and we’ve really examined what you want and why you want it. I need you to be invested in this process or it’s not going to work for either of us.

+ You’re not prepared to laugh, hear a random story or 2 or just, you know, be human in our sessions. I’m serious when it comes to your business but also like to have a lot of fun while we dig in. 



Ready to do this? Awesome.

Payment plans available - email us to set one up.

Not sure if a Scale It Session is for you, or have other questions for me? I'd love to jump on the phone for a free 30 minute assessment. Send me a message using the Contact Form and I'll be in touch to get it scheduled!