Welcome to the Growth Plan Kickstart.

A unique chance to work 1:1 alongside an expert online business strategist (me!) to discover your greatest areas of opportunity for scale and growth in your business - and do so at an accessible price.

The Growth Plan Kickstart is the most accessible and affordable way to work with me 1:1, and it's an invaluable opportunity for you to start wrapping your head around what scale and growth and funnels and all. the. things. might look like in your business.

These sessions deliver some of best times I have in my business because I love to introduce the possibilities to new(ish) business owners who are thinking about leverage for the first time. When you start thinking this way entire new worlds open up to you, and I'm always thrilled to play even a small role in expanding your vision of what's possible for you and your business.



The Growth Plan Kickstart is designed to give you a prioritized game plan of your biggest opportunities across 10+ key growth areas in your business. You'll leave knowing what you should be focusing on and when in order to meet the revenue goals that we discuss.

+ One 90 Minute Video Call (recorded for your records) focused on where your business is at and where you want to get, and identifying what your key scaling ingredients are (hint: they're different for every business). We'll dive deep on the issues you want to cover, and make sure we're identifying your best opportunities in 10+ key business growth areas. 

+ A Prioritized List of which growth areas to focus on in which order to meet your goals.

+ One 30 Minute Follow Up Video Call (recorded for your records) that you can use within 30 days of the first call to review any plans or changes you've implemented since our call.

+ Access to all relevant resources from my private client resource library so you have the done-for-you tools that are right for you.

+ 2 Weeks of Voxer + Email Support after your call.



+ After you sign up you'll be sent a welcome questionnaire. This is a quick overview of you, your business and your goals, hopes and dreams. It's designed to get me up to speed before we get ever get on the phone so we don't waste any time once we are together.

+ Once I've received the questionnaire I'll start my homework and you'll be invited to schedule a 60 minute video call at a time that's convenient for you.

+ We'll jump on the call and dive deeper into your goals and planning process. We'll determine where your greatest opportunities lie and map out a prioritized plan that will tell you what you should be working on and in what order to reach your goals as fast as possible.

+ I'll open up my private client resource library of done-for-you resources, and hand you access to any documents that will help you reach the goals we uncover in our conversation.

+ You get 2 weeks of (reasonable) unlimited Voxer and email support after our call.

"It was the most valuable hour I've spent in the last 6 months."

WHO THE kickstart IS is FOR:

+ Online Businesses and Online Business Owners who offer services or info products and are starting to think about leverage and scale via funnels for the first time. 

+ Existing Businesses. You've figured out how to make money from your business (yay!) but now that it's time to stop trading so much time for so few dollars, you want to start wrapping your head around what it'll look like to leverage and scale using funnels.

+ You've realized that there comes a time when the black and white rules no longer work. Once you've started to make money your business enters a gray area - the black and white, 10 point checklists no longer work and you have to start figuring this thing out on your own. You're ready to do that, and could use some help to frame things so you know you're approaching this the right way.

+ You understand that 'scale' ‘passive’ ‘evergreen’ and ‘funnel’ are all tools of efficiency and do not mean you never have to do any work. 

+ You’re open to feedback and understand that scaling is a two-way street: I’ll give you and your business my absolute best, but can’t do this alone - you need to show up and invest in the process and do the work too.

+ You respect boundaries and have healthy boundaries of your own that I can respect. We entrepreneurs have to look out for each other.


WHO THE kickstart is NOT FOR:

+ You aren’t willing to do the work, and believe that passive and funnels means you'll never have to think about anything again.

+ You’re not prepared to laugh, hear a random story or 2 or just, you know, be human in our sessions. I’m serious when it comes to your business but also like to have a lot of fun while we dig in.



To reserve your space just submit payment using the button and we're off to the races! Can't wait to work with you.

Not sure if a Growth Kickstart is for you, or have other questions for me? I'd love to jump on the phone for a free 20 minute assessment. Send me a message using the Contact Form and I'll be in touch to get it scheduled!