Welcome to the Sales Funnel Growth Mapping Sessions.

Your opportunity to have a expert Online Business Strategist (me!) design your full Sales Funnel system from start to finish. 

The Sales Funnel Growth Mapping Sessions are designed for online entrepreneurs or businesses wanting to building an online lead machine who are ready to implement a scalable, sustainable sales funnel strategy that's fully custom to them and their business.

Sales Funnel Growth Mapping Sessions are perfect for building a solid foundation on which to build your empire. The plans we put together will be designed to meet your immediate income goals while providing flexibility for your continued growth once it's time for you to make your next big income leap.

Bottomline: these sessions hand you a sound foundation to your entire sales funnel strategy (which, you know, is your entire business strategy) at a price that's right.



Sales Funnel Growth Mapping Sessions are designed to give you absolutely everything you need to build out a custom sales funnel strategy designed specifically for you and your business.

+ Custom-Designed Sales Funnel Template built specifically for your goals. This document has everything you need to build the funnel we design: it specifies your lead generation strategy, each landing page and email that needs to be built (and what they should be about), tagging and segmenting details... literally everything you need to build your funnel. And if we've worked together to find an implementation partner for you, this document is all you need to hand over to them.

+ 2 Video Strategy Calls (recorded for your records): 1 45-60 minute call during which we dive into your business, identify goals and funnel personality and 1 60-90 minute follow up call to deliver the Growth Map and answer any questions you may have.

+ Identification and Analysis of what Scales for you, and how that's built in to your custom Funnel Growth Map. Not many people will tell you that funnels aren't one size fits all. I will. And I'll also focus our entire strategy on what is unique about your business to make sure that drives your funnel strategy. This is the crucial piece most people miss, but we won't. 

+ KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Analysis so you know exactly which metrics to track in order to know if you're on track for your goals - and how to track them.

+ A Tech Roadmap to make sure you know the most efficient and economical way to accomplish your goals considering the tech you already have, and what you might want to consider adding.

+ 2 Weeks of Email Follow Up after completion of the Growth Map delivery call.


HOW THE sales funnel growth mapping WORKS

+ After you sign up you'll be sent a welcome questionnaire. This is a quick overview of you, your business and your goals, hopes and dreams. It's designed to get me up to speed before we get ever get on the phone so we don't waste any time once we are together.

+ Once I've received the questionnaire I'll start my homework and you'll be invited to schedule the first 60 minute video call at a time that's convenient for you.

+ We'll jump on the first call and dive deeper into your goals and planning process. We'll brainstorm what kinds of funnels might be best for you based on your business and personality (yes, that matters - a lot) and your products and services.

+ Once we wrap up the call I'll go to work customizing a full Sales Funnel Blueprint document designed exclusively for you and your business. It will include all the details you need to start implementing your funnels immediately and recorded commentary from me so you have a record of me walking you through all of my logic and reasoning.

+ After I deliver the Sales Funnel Blueprint (usually within 5 business days of our first call) you'll be invited to scheduled your 2nd call, a 60-90 minute follow up where we'll go over the Sales Funnel Blueprint document, you can ask any questions you have, and we'll make any final adjustments or clarifications.

+ You have 2 weeks full email support from me following our 2nd and final call to make sure you have all of your questions answered.

+ And finally, once we've wrapped up you still have exclusive access to my VIP Client Follow Up Sessions, which are packages that only my previous VIP clients have access to and include reduced 1:1 rates  if you ever need to borrow my brain in the future. Packages consist of 1, 2, 4 and 8 60 minute calls based on what you need.

"I have one word to sum up working with Michelle: CLARITY & PROGRESS (ok technically that was two...)"

I have one word to sum up working with Michelle: CLARITY & PROGRESS (ok technically that was two...). The last few years in my business have been all over the place. I've done it all: webinars, challenges, list building, online courses, launches, podcasts, blogging, refining my products, creating new ones, marketing, mindset work...you name it, I've done it. 

And yet, I felt like I didn't have a clear direction of what was working and what was not. Enter working with Michelle.

She's helped me to look at numbers (something I did while kicking and screaming at first...), track analytics, hone in on what was working (and how to know), and gave me some direction and forward momentum in my business that I was seriously lacking. This was the missing piece! I'm so grateful our paths crossed because I have a much clearer idea of where I'm going and how to get there! 




+ Online Businesses, Online Business Owners or Business Owners wanting to add online lead generation to their business.  

+ Existing Businesses that are making $2-30k a month. I know, big range! But everyone grows at different rates and starts to think about a funnel strategy at different times. As long as you know you have products that sell and are ready to be serious about building funnels that work for you, this session is right for you.

+ You're ready to stop trading time for dollars. You're at the point that you know you can't grow anymore without some serious leverage. It's time to stop trading time for dollars.

+ You understand that 'scale' ‘passive’ ‘evergreen’ and ‘funnel’ are all tools of efficiency and do not mean you never have to do any work. 

+ You’re open to feedback and understand that scaling is a two-way street: I’ll give you and your business my absolute best, but can’t do this alone - you need to show up and invest in the process and do the work too.

+ You respect boundaries and have healthy boundaries of your own that I can respect. We entrepreneurs have to look out for each other.



+ You have a brick and mortar business or a product that belongs in the traditional tech sector.

+ You aren’t willing to do the work, and believe that passive and funnels means you'll never have to think about anything again.

+ You’re not prepared to laugh, hear a random story or 2 or just, you know, be human in our sessions. I’m serious when it comes to your business but also like to have a lot of fun while we dig in.



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