For Your (Client) Eyes Only

OK fine, I've never been a James Bond fan, but I just couldn't help myself with the headline because this page is, in fact, for YOUR eyes only. Because if you're seeing this page you're one of my VIP clients, and that means you have quick and easy follow up access to me and my brain that I don't offer to anyone else.

Welcome to my Follow Up Sessions




You. Me. Voxer. Email. Video Call. Open agenda for whatever's on your mind.

  • Question about implementing something we planned in your scaling plan? Check.
  • Need a second opinion on a new idea? Check.
  • Need a gut check about scrapping a program or service? Check.
  • A little hand holding as you scale up your team or technology? Check.
  • Brainstorm a new funnel or segmenting strategy? Check.

We cover a ton of ground in our scaling plans, and the last thing I want to do is leave you hanging after the follow up period closes when questions or new ideas inevitably come up a month or even 6 months or a year later. Because sometimes (lots of times) the plans we put together span that length of time, and I want to be there for you if you need me. Without you having to jump into a full new package if that's not what you need.

I created these Follow Up Session packs exclusively for my Scale It and Business Growth Map clients.

Now when you run into a situation where you'd love an hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours of my brain, or just need me for a month over Voxer and email... you can have it a la carte style. At the best rate I offer anywhere (since I already know you and your business, I can quickly jump in and help, which allows me to offer my time at these rates you won't see anywhere else).



+ One 60 minute video call per session purchased OR 1 month of Voxer and email access (if you choose the Voxer/email package). 

You can purchase 1, 2, 4 and 8 packs of sessions, and each comes with the corresponding number of video calls.


+ Full access to any resources, funnel maps, tracking tools, etc from my resource library that you need, as identified during our call


+ Recordings of all calls for your records

Because that's just good practice for all of us.


how to sign up

Grab the package that works best for you whenever you need me, and we'll do this!

1 Month Voxer and Email Access

1 Month, $547

Phone Follow Up Session: 1 Pack

1 60 Minute Call, $250

Phone Follow Up Session: 2 Pack

2, 60 Minute Calls (must be used within 4 weeks of each other), $450

Phone Follow Up Session: 4 Pack

4, 60 Minute Calls (must be used within 10 weeks of each other), $800

Phone Follow Up Session: 8 Pack

8, 60 Minute Calls (must be used within 12 weeks of each other), $1200