1/2 Day VIP Intensive 2 Payment Option

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Half Day VIP Intensive.png

1/2 Day VIP Intensive 2 Payment Option


Package Includes:

  • 1/2 Day VIP Conversion Strategy, including 1, 2 hour in person kickoff and 2, 1 hour follow ups

  • Access to comprehensive on-boarding questionnaires and materials prior to the first call to ensure we’re able to get to work immediately.

  • Post-session deliverables include session recording, any relevant wrap up documents and/or strategy documents, delivered in Google Docs.

  • Email/Slack chat support for a month following the session.  

  • One emergency 30 minute phone or video call within the first 2 weeks following the session. 

  • Free access to training vault of webinars, PDF’s and any other materials relevant to the session that aren't covered in post-session deliverables.

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