Any of This Sound Familiar? 

You’ve finally gotten a business out there but now you’re not really sure what it is or what it should be.

Or what you want it to be.

Or what you're supposed to do now that it exists and you've officially "launched."

Or what to do now that you've hit it big overnight and all of a sudden you have to figure out how to manage this big growing thing without losing your mind, or your clients.

And if you're honest with yourself you know you put everything you had into getting this thing up and running, and now that it's happened you're kind of lost because you never had the time or brainpower to think about what happens next. 

So now you're stuck trying to figure out where all these different programs and services that you offer came from, and wondering which ones are even making you money. 

Or worse, which ones might even be losing you money.

Or which half-finished ones you should be introducing next.

Or which ones you have to get rid of because they're sucking the life out of you.

Maybe you even sit in front of your laptop staring at it for hours - or weeks or months - hoping an answer will magically appear. Wondering what happened to the dream of an easy business. Wondering what happened to the freedom lifestyle and endless cash you were expecting.

Or wondering how you're going to spend all the cash that is coming in because all you do is spend all day at your laptop trying to keep your head above water. Except on the days you can't even bother to get out of bed because OVERWHELM. All the while wondering how exactly you got here.


Hi. I’m Michelle.

I work with committed online entrepreneurs who are ready to get serious about growing their businesses smart and for the long term. Those of you who already have a business, are maybe making some money online but not nearly what you expected, or who have hit it big overnight and have no idea how to scale and grow without losing your mind, and are ready to change that story.

You know that right now what you need to move forward, and move forward fast, is some practical, actionable advice from someone whose been there before and isn’t going to waste time beating around the bush of what needs to be done.

I’ve built a multi-million dollar social venture, raised millions online before raising money online was a thing (think 2004) and have my MBA in strategy and entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago, one of the best business schools in the world. So I know how to help you make sense of your business and build, grow and scale it into the life of your dreams. 

But don’t get me wrong - it’s hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows over here. I’ve also been the girl staring at my laptop for hours on end wondering what in the hell I was supposed to do next. The one telling my team and my family “it’s fine, we’re fine, everything’s fine” when I knew for a fact we were most certainly not fine. But had absolutely no idea what to do about it.

So I get it what you’re going through. I get it when you need a set of outside eyes on your business. When you need someone to point out the obvious because you just can’t see it anymore (on account of the fact you’ve spent so much time staring at it on your screen that you’ve literally developed a blind spot to it and all).

When the last thing you need is a cheerleading coach without any real experience and the only thing you need is some on point strategic advice. Yep I definitely get it.

But I’m also here to tell you I've lived to see the other side of that kind of founder confusion and the other side is oh so worth the pain and the struggle. Your dreams are right around the corner - let's go get them.

In My Career I've: 

  • Grown a social venture from 0 to a multi-million dollar income stream in less than 3 years
  • Identified an opportunity to pivot that business from a direct-to-consumer to partner distribution model that quadrupled sales in the month immediately after the change was made - and that continued to produce exponential revenue growth month over month for years
  • Helped start-ups launch products and attract investor financing within weeks after they’d experienced months of being stalled
  • Helped online entrepreneurs easily and quickly decipher early customer information to identify their ideal customer segments and matching product offerings.

I Believe...

  • Entrepreneurs are the most positive and powerful force in the world today.
  • Andy Warhol knew what he was talking about when he said “being good at business is the most fascinating kind of art.” 
  • Good strategy has nothing to do with corporate boardrooms, academic missives and stiff suits. It has everything to with freedom, choice and creation. And it should be (and can be) easy, fun and FAST.
  • Instead of being asked “what did you learn today” kids should be asked “what did you create today?” That simple change will create a new generation of born entrepreneurs rather than corporate rule followers. 
  • The Universe rewards those who take courageous, inspired action in the direction of their dreams.

I'm Also...

  • A backpacker, surfer, foodie, Denver-living mountain girl with a Chicago soul.
  • An introvert who needs a really good reason to put on make-up and leave the house.
  • A voracious reader who devours everything there is to know about smart strategy, decision making and entrepreneurship.
  • Someone who can’t quite remember the last time I wore shoes other than my Rainbow flip flops.
  • A water baby who will drop everything at the sight of water. Seriously when we go vacation together anywhere near water I will act like the nearest 1st grader begging you to go play in the water with me. And will probably splash and torment you until you agree.